Explore Your Spring 2016 Student Perception Survey Report Results

Open to: All 6-12 grade teachers who participated in the spring 2016 Student Perception Survey.

Opportunity at a Glance: This webinar will help you explore your report and gain a better understanding of your results. In addition, you will learn how to use Playbook, an online professional learning tool that allows you to create a personalized playbook of instructional strategies based on your results. After the webinar, you’ll be invited to participate in a feedback session where you can share insights and experiences about your report. You can also provide feedback about the report in this questionnaire.

Event Dates: Thursday, September 29, 4:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Take action: Register for a live training webinar hosted by the NYC DOE Survey Initiatives Team in partnership with Panorama Education. 

For more information: Visit the NYC DOE’s Student Perception Survey website