Check Your November 30 Paycheck – Teacher’s Choice Funds

Open to: All teachers

Opportunity at a Glance: This year’s Teacher’s Choice funds, which have increased, will be issued in your November 30 paycheck; note that these funds are not taxed. Eligible purchases using Teacher’s Choice funds can be made until January 15, 2017. Please be sure to save your original receipts in order to qualify (as they must be submitted to your school). Take a look at Teacher’s Choice key dates, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Key date: Wednesday, November 30 – Funds will be issued in your paycheck.

Take action: If you are eligible and you do not receive Teacher’s Choice funds in your November 30 paycheck, have your school administration email Teacher’s Choice by December 5, 2016.

For more information: Contact HR Connect by calling 718-935-4000, or email Teacher’s Choice.