Working to build green space, recycling systems or conserve energy at your school? Apply for a sustainability project grant

Open to: All Teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: NYC public schools have the unique opportunity to apply for a mini-grant to start or complete a sustainability project at your school! The project should focus on at least one of the Office of Sustainability’s pillars to improve recycling efforts, conserve energy, reduce water consumption, enhance sustainability education, and build green space. Schools may apply for a $10,000 (5 awards available) or a $5,000 (10 awards available) grant. Awarded funds may be used for equipment, project supplies, training, field trips and educational materials, and promotional items. Funds may not be used for personnel expenses and all monies must be spent by June 30, 2017.

Application deadline: Friday, December 16.

Take action: Talk to your principal about the opportunity, fill out the application form and then email the completed form to

For more information: Email Thad Copeland or call him at 718-349-5450.