Be a Part of the NYSED Early Learning Task Force

Open to: Teachers of pre-k through Grade 2.

Opportunity at a Glance: The New York State Education Department is currently accepting applications for membership in their Early Learning Task Force. The main goal for the Task Force will be to discuss concerns about how learning standards affect our earliest learners, specifically students in Prekindergarten through Grade 2. The Task Force will begin by discussing concerns in English Language Arts/Literacy, but will also include the other New York State Learning Standard areas in future discussions. Members who are selected to serve on the Early Learning Task Force will be contacted by mid-December and asked to complete the necessary paperwork to join the Task Force. Reimbursement for travel will be provided, including train or mileage, hotel at the State rate, meals, and parking.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, November 30.

Event Date: The first meeting will be held in early winter 2017.

Location: The Early Learning Task Force will meet in Albany, New York 3-4 times per year (plus possible online meetings) at the State Education Department building or another Albany location.

Take action: Learn more about the opportunity and then apply.

For more information: Call 518-474-3852.