Submit Your Workshop Proposal for the #NYCSchoolsTech Summit

Open to: All teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: The #NYCSchoolsTech Summit is currently accepting workshop proposals demonstrating focus on how you use technology to collaborate, communicate, differentiate, enhance student creativity or increase efficiency. The Summit will connect educators, administrators, and school-based staff to facilitate the sharing of new ideas and strong practices. which will be held at LaGuardia High School (Sophie, can you make this the location information.

Key date: The #NYCSchoolsTech Summit will take place Wednesday, July 26.

Deadline: Proposals are due Friday, April 28.

Take action: Talk the opportunity over with your principal, review the workshop proposal structure and directions, and then propose a workshop for the #NYCSchoolsTech Summit.

For more information: Review the 2017 #NYCSchoolsTech Summit website.