Vote for NYC DOE Proposals to Present at SXSWedu (Part I)

Help “vote up” proposals by NYC DOE teams to present at SXSWedu. Over 4,400 proposals were received, and 30% of the votes to select talks are based on public votes. Take a moment to look at the proposals below and vote for one or more.

Reimagining Men of Color as Educators and Leaders

NYCMT-4The nation’s boldest effort to transform the teaching pipeline will share resources from our culturally responsive emerging teacher leader series to develop the next generation of leaders through mentoring, micro credentialing, and PD. All are welcome to engage in small and large group discussions to learn about the roles men of color play as teachers, how to develop their pedagogical and leadership skills, as well as exploring how to systematize leadership roles and opportunities. Vote here.

Blended Warming – Building a Learning Ecosystem

SXSW_screenshotWe can construct interoperable digital platforms to foster excellent teaching, but what happens in classrooms is not going to change unless teachers are empowered to use them. This panel will share perspectives on what works in building a sustainable professional learning ecosystem. Hear insights from the leaders who launched district-wide digital learning initiatives in Houston and NYC Schools, and join the discussion about how these systems can be catalysts for innovation in schools today. Vote here.

WeTeachNYC: A Symphony Of Teachers and Technology

wtnycEach of NYC’s 76,000 educators is in a unique place within their professional learning journey. To personalize learning at scale, the NYCDOE developed WeTeachNYC Communities, an online space where educators can share knowledge and interact to meet their professional learning needs. We formed a true partnership, incorporating teachers’ voices and leveraging the technical expertise of Blenderbox, a local firm, to create a space that reflects educator experience and supports student learning. Vote here. 

The 7%: Preparing Men of Color for the Classroom

T3kNH7lx_400x400.jpgAbout 7% of all teachers are males of color. This workshop will look at a colloquium on five campuses in NYC created to discuss the impact of race, gender, and language on classroom leaders. The colloquium was designed to engage pre-service teachers in discussions about the field they will soon enter and recruit males of color who had yet committed to entering the teaching ranks. We will look at this model to develop more ways to engage students on campus and recruit them to become teachers. Vote here. 

Innovations and Equity in Large Urban Districts

innovations and equitySome of the country’s largest school districts might seem like a surprising place to find a hotbed of innovation in programming and technology, but teams are working from inside the public school system in Atlanta, New York City, and Washington, D.C. to change that. We’ll explore brief case studies from these districts, and use those examples as a launchpad for a discussion about different approaches to innovation, how equity can get lost in the shuffle, and how to bring it back. Vote here.