Apply for a Per Session Opportunity to be part of Physical Education Focus Groups

Open to: Physical education teachers with Effective, Highly Effective, or Satisfactory ratings for the 2015-16 school year.

Opportunity at a Glance: The Office of Periodic Assessment (OPA) and the Office of School Wellness Programs are collaborating to develop new Physical Education (PE) performance-based assessments. Focus group sessions will be conducted for PE educators to provide feedback on assessments. PE teachers with a demonstrated interest in supporting formative assessment work, as well as a strong understanding of highly-quality assessments are encouraged to participate.

Key dates: Ongoing between February and June 2018.


Application deadline: Wednesday, January 31.

Take action:  Interested PE teachers should review the per session posting (#1179) and apply as instructed.

For more information: Email Cherise Lesesne or call her at 718-935-2868.