Become a Peer Independent Evaluator for the 2018-2019 School Year

Open to: Tenured teachers (see additional eligibility requirements).

Opportunity at a Glance: Outstanding leaders in education with a clear understanding of the Danielson Framework for Teaching, demonstrated instructional effectiveness, strong writing skills, and a commitment to professional growth and reflection are encouraged to apply. Peer Independent Evaluators observe teachers who were rated Ineffective the previous school year during 2017-2018 and write observation reports to record ratings that will be compared with school-based evaluators. This is a full time Teacher Assigned position (the salary is per collective bargaining agreement plus $15,000).

Application deadline: Wednesday, March 14.

Location: Citywide.

Take action: Apply now or share this with others who are interested in a non-coaching teacher-leadership role starting in September 2018. 

For more information: Check out the application.