“Office Hours” with an Experienced Teacher Leader!

Open to: Tenured teachers (tenured before or by September 2017)

Opportunity at a Glance: We are excited to offer teachers interested in taking on a teacher leader role the opportunity to speak with a Teacher Career Pathways (TCP) Recruiter by phone. Our Recruiters are seasoned teacher leaders — Model Teachers, Peer Collaborative Teachers, and Master Teachers — ready to answer questions around teacher leadership. The teacher career pathways teacher leader application is now open and this is a wonderful opportunity to chat one-on-one with a Teacher Leader and learn more about the qualification process, teacher leader work and responsibilities, how to have a conversation with your principal, and so much more.

Key dates: Office hours will be held from Monday, March 5 – Friday, April 23.

Take action: Sign up for your 30-minute session with a TCP Recruiter!

For more information: Email the Teacher Leadership team.