Apply for a EEG-Based Neuroscience Program (NYU’s BrainWaves) at Your High School

Open to: High School STEM teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: Work with NYU to develop and implement a cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience curriculum at your school. NYU researchers will provide you and your student-scientists with the knowledge and practices to design and conduct neuroscience research studies in your own classroom using portable, low-cost, yet highly sensitive devices that measure brain waves (electroencephalography or EEG). The BrainWaves program is a lab-based brain science course, where students have the opportunity to carry out their own original brain experiments using real brainwave scanning equipment in the classroom. Professional development for teachers prior to implementation of the program and continued mentoring during the school year is included in this free program.

Key dates: 2018-19 school year.

Location: Your school.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 20.

Take action: Talk the opportunity over with your principal, then apply to be a participating school.

For more information: Email Steven Azeka at New York University or call 234-752-9352.