Spring into Action – ASPDP Courses Through PCG Education

Open to: All teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: It’s a great time to GROW your professional skills and watch your students bloom. PCG’s catalog offers ASPDP-approved courses from leading experts in education – Robert Marzano, Gary Howard, Jon Saphier, Glenn Singleton and more. Focus on topics such as equity, social-emotional learning, and classroom management. We can help you find the course(s) that best meets your needs and interests. Your personal online coach will support you as you develop your skills and become a more highly effective educator this spring.

Location: Online.

Registration deadline: Monday, April 29.

Take action: Visit educatored.com/nyc to select your course(s) and register. Use coupon code SPRINGINTOPD$25 at checkout. Next, visit ASPDP to search for the course of your choosing and register.

For more information: Contact Email OnlinePL@PCGUS.com or call (800) 728-0032.