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Register for Our Early Childhood Conference- 17th Annual Young Child Expo & Conference

Open to: Early Childhood Teachers. 

Opportunity at a Glance: Our conference strives to provide high quality learning experiences and training to early childhood professionals in order to best serve young children. We provide early childhood professionals with access to information, services, resources, and products that will make their work more efficient. Our conference strives to expose early childhood professionals to the most advanced research to increase understanding of early childhood development and the implementation of and effectiveness of interventions. Cost: $185-$385 depending on amount of days. 

Key dates: Tuesday, April 28- Friday, May 1. 

Location: Wyndham New Yorker Hotel – 481 8th Avenue, NY, NY 10001

Registration deadline: Friday, May 1. 

Take action: Talk this opportunity over with your principal, then,


For more information: Learn more about the program or contact Nancy Evangelista, nancy.evangelista@losninos.com, 212-787-9700 x 333.