Develop CRSE-Aligned Practices

Open to: Teachers and School Leaders
Opportunity at a Glance: How can you work toward equity in education? 
Take part in Touchstone Texts for Equity to unpack implicit bias, explore equity with the experts, and develop CRSE-aligned practices.

During this workshop participants will do the following:
• Unpack seminal texts that speak to CRSE;
• Explore your own culture and identity to discover how it impacts your teaching practices;
• Deepen your understanding of how you can build a more equitable society;
• Identify teaching practices that cultivate culturally responsive spaces for learning; and
• Implement CRSE-aligned language and practices in your classroom​.

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Key dates:  Self-paced online course starting Monday August 8. Participate on days/times of your choosing.
Location: Online
Registration deadline: Monday August 8
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