Ella Baker School (02M225) Lighthouse Visit: Using Math Discourse to Increase Student Voice

Open to: All Teachers, Math Coaches and Administrators
Opportunity at a Glance: Ella Baker School (02M225) is a grades Pre K to 8  school, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  The Lighthouse visit will focus on the following: 

  • How to incorporate student discourse routines during math class. This develops student understanding, growth mindset, and increases equity of voice and access to ideas;
  • Classroom routines for accountable student discourse in mathematics;
  • How to use mathematical language within robust discussions and debates in math classrooms; and
  • Tools to use for observing and assessing discourse.

Key dates:  Thursday May 11 from 8:30a.m. – 2:00p.m.
Location: Ella Baker School (02M225) 317 East 67th Street New York, NY 10065
Registration deadline: 05/04/2023
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For more information: mnovelo@schools.nyc.gov