Apply to the Green Beetz Program for the 2019-20 School Year

Apply to receive technical and classroom support for teaching Green Beetz’s 21-lesson STEM-based curriculum during the 2019-20 school year.

Ace the Teacher Interview

Join a low-pressure interactive workshop where you will ask and be asked questions to prepare for your next interview.

Summer Workshop: LIFE’s Women at the New York Historical Society

Participate in classroom sessions that consider how to effectively teach women’s history using photography as a primary source.

Summer in the City Professional Development Sessions

Preparing to teach Summer in the City at an elementary and middle school level? These PD sessions are for you.

Gain Practical Approaches for Teaching Students with Disabilities in the Visual Arts Classroom

Join the Office of Arts and Special Projects to learn more about disability types and how to engage all learners in your Arts classroom.

Learn the latest resources, tools and techniques for supporting your immigrant students

Learn how to integrate themes of migration into classroom and school culture, build relationships among all your students, and create more welcoming environments for everyone in this free, interactive, online workshop.

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