Classroom Management Webinar Series

Attend these online webinars to learn about strategies for establishing respect in your classroom and building positive relationships with your students.

Summer Workshop: Stereotypes in American Musicals 

Explore how visual and popular culture perpetuated stereotypes during the 20th century.

Explore Acadience (DIBELS) Foundational Reading Skills Assessments, Grades K-6

The Acadience Reading two-day professional learning series will provide participants in depth knowledge around the Big Ideas of Reading with an emphasis on phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.

Research Experience for Teachers at Brooklyn College’s Neuroscience and Psychology Labs

Apply to undertake a three-credit undergraduate or graduate-level course in research methods (or a related topic), which focuses on scientific reasoning, ethics, and research design and methodology.

Express Interest in the NYC Specialized Teacher Enhancement Pathway (NYC STEP) Program!

NYC STEP will take place during the 2019-20 school year and will have two cohorts: Bilingual Extension and Secondary Special Education.

Register for #DigIn Camps Working Sessions and Learn about Digital Accessibility and Inclusion

Did you know that NYC school websites have to be accessible to people with disabilities by December 2020? Learn more at a Digital Inclusion Camp.

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