Randi Weingarten

In Defense of Education: A Conversation with Randi Weingarten

Join Randi Weingarten for an evening of provocative conversation on policy, pedagogy, and the big issues affecting schools, teachers, and students.

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A Novel Approach: Whole-Class Novels, Student-Centered Teaching, and Choice presented by Kate Roberts PLUS Meet the Author, Paul Volponi

Join Kate Roberts for a discussion about the triumphs and troubles with both whole-class novels and independent reading and consider her practical framework for creating units that join both teaching methods together.

Capitalism and Slavery with Christian Crouch

Explore the intimate links between U.S. wealth inequality and the violent racial subjugation that generated profits for four centuries of the transatlantic slave trade and the pre-Civil War plantation-industrial complex.

STEM teachers working on a project together

Project Laboratory: NYS Living Environment Labs Make-Over Edition

The NYS Living Environment contains four required labs that are tested on the regents exams. These lab experiences are cookie-cutter in nature – but do they have to be? Learn more at this Sunday session.

Understanding the Human Body: Science and Medicine with Dr. Anthony Hollenberg

How can the tiny thyroid wreak such havoc? How do doctors and scientists work together to advance medical knowledge? Learn firsthand from Dr. Hollenberg.

Bring Solar Energy to your Classroom

The NYC Solar Schools Education Program is free for interested teachers and provides them with standards aligned hands-on activities that give context for why solar is important.

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