Practical Strategies for Teaching Generative Vocabulary with Dr. Freddy Hiebert

Dr. Hiebert will present her latest research focusing specifically on generative vocabulary instruction that helps students develop the ability to apply knowledge of how words work when encountering new words. Register by February 6.

Reading with Power and Passion: Implementing and Enriching Independent Reading in Grades 6-12

This session will delve into the routines, systems and lessons that can support schools with implementing or strengthening their independent reading initiatives. Register by February 7.

Poetic Voices: Cypher in the Classroom by the artist Dyalekt

Join the multi-faceted artist Dyalekt as he guides participants through activities that use rhythm, performance, and movement to help students find their writing voices.

Write On! Teaching Print and Cursive Writing Grades K-3

Learn how specific moves in print instruction can lay the foundation for cursive writing. Register by January 22.

Register for Free Workshops in Literacy

View a variety of free literacy workshops and events.

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