Center for Educational Innovation Summer Leadership Conference

Register for the Center for Educational Innovation Summer Leadership Conference on July 20.

Energize Your STEM Teaching this Summer

This summer, join educators from around the country for innovative, hands-on, and teacher-led professional development in STEM.

Summer Opportunities at The New York City Writing Project

Learn to engage students in a variety of text types and support student learning in reading and writing, come away with a variety of strategies designed to reach all students.

Enroll in “Surviving the Semester: Meeting the Needs of Early Career Teachers”

Participants will construct an understanding of teaching literacy across disciplines, utilize the Danielson Framework for Teaching, and engage in academic conversation protocols that boost students’ questioning and discussion.

Summer Opportunity: Seedlings Institute for Early Childhood Educators

This summer, earn P-Credit and explore the resources at the New York Botanical Garden.

Reflection for Growth

Explore student and teacher outcomes and growth over the year, and reflect on strengths as well as areas of development moving forward.

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