Apply for an Earthwatch Project Kindle Fellowship

Awarded teacher fellows will experience a funded expedition during their 2019 summer vacation with other Project Kindle Fellows.

Workshop: Personalize Learning Using a Playlist

Create playlists to personalize learning for students. The playlist model allows students to have some control over the pace and path of their learning.

Workshop: Engaging Parents & Families for Student Success

There is a direct correlation between family involvement in a child’s learning and higher academic outcomes. Join fellow teachers for a workshop on how to build better relationships with student families.

Apply for the NaliniKIDS Gigi Grant (SEL)

The Gigi Grant application is currently open. Apply for funding toward student and teacher materials.

Join Solar 1 for a hands-on exploration of solar energy at the NYC Solar Schools PD (Middle School)

Get an introduction to power plants, fossil fuels, renewable energy and climate change- and hands-on solar activities and experiments.

Classroom Resources from the National Portrait Gallery

If you are seeking ways to explore┬áthe presidents and the role of the presidency in the United States with your students, visit the National Portrait Gallery’s Classroom Resources.

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