Turn It Up with Flipped Classroom

Explore use of class time to create student-centered learning opportunities that encourage communication and collaboration.

Saturday Workshop: American Women at Work

Using materials from our Women and the American Story curriculum, explore how labor has been a crucial part of the American experience for women.

Participate in the Cornell/Columbia STEM Workshop

The focus will be on presenting hands-on Science activities that can be used by teachers in their classrooms.

2nd Annual Digital Leadership Conference

Open to: All teachers. Opportunity at a Glance: Attend the 2nd Annual NYC Conference on Digital Leadership. Leading in education becomes exponentially powerful when using

Connect with Your School Community Using a Strong Digital Presence

Open to:¬†All teachers. Opportunity at a Glance:¬†Learn how to spruce up your library program’s digital presence in order to better connect and interact with the

Connect your School Community with a Strong Digital Presence

Learn how to curate resources, use social media to promote programs and incorporate various apps to connect with students.

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