Spring Educator Open House at the New York Historical Society: Hudson Rising and the Tech Commons

View our new exhibition Hudson Rising, an interdisciplinary study of our state’s primary waterway, and see a demo of the companion curriculum.

Attend an Evening of Unique Educational Opportunities at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Attend an evening at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum where they will highlight their education programs.

Experience The New York Aquarium and Ocean Stewardship

Explore Ocean Wonders: Sharks!, an engaging new exhibition that connects teachers to the ocean and inspires ocean stewardship.

Pizza & PD: Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion

Using maps and other primary sources, explore the impact of Manifest Destiny and the rapid growth of the country.

Classroom Resources from the National Portrait Gallery

If you are seeking ways to explore┬áthe presidents and the role of the presidency in the United States with your students, visit the National Portrait Gallery’s Classroom Resources.

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