Teacher Self-Reflection

With the “Teacher Self Reflection Tool,” teachers are able to celebrate their growth and continue to strengthen their practice.

Reflection for Growth

Explore student and teacher outcomes and growth over the year, and reflect on strengths as well as areas of development moving forward.

Student Teacher Learning Partnerships: Giving Effective Feedback

In the professional learning activity, “Giving Effective Feedback,” you’ll have the opportunity to define the elements of effective feedback for your students.

Assessment in Instruction Part 3: Growing through Student Feedback

Resources to grow in your practice through student feedback.

Assessments in Instruction Part 2: Planning Student Self-Assessments

Resources for teachers in planning student self-assessments on WeTeachNYC

Assessments in Instruction Part 1: Planning for Formative Assessments

Explore resources on #WeTeachNYC on Planning for Formative Assessment.

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