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Truth, Justice, Civics…The Comic Book Way, Vol. II: Teaching Civics for All Comics

Learn how the New York City Department of Education Department of Social Studies and Civics for All teams are working with the top talent in the comic industry to engage students to take civic action.

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Civics for All: Teaching Civics in the 6-12 Classroom with Mikva Challenge

Join Civics for All partner, Mikva Challenge, for a workshop exploring the civics skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for students to become active and engaged members of their communities.

Explore New Civics for All Resources for Teaching Current Issues & Events

Civics for All has created, and will regularly add to, a collection of supplemental lesson plans and resources to aid in teaching current issues and events.

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Register for the Integrating Civics for All with Passport to Social Studies Professional Learning Session

examine the Civics for All curriculum and its connection to the Passport to Social Studies curriculum.

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Register for the Civics for All and the Instructional Leadership Framework Professional Learning Session

In this session participants will consider the ways that the Civics for All initiative supports the Instructional Leadership Framework.