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*Please note that if you are planning to submit a Chancellor’s PD Day opportunity, submit it as early as possible as we are unable to process the amount of submissions received during those times.*

Our goal is to engage and inform our 79,000 NYC public school teachers so that they have the information they need to take an active role in their careers. We also share content with teachers via a monthly digital digest that highlights the month’s opportunities.  If you are submitting for the first time, please read through the guidelines below.

Submit an opportunity to I Teach NYC

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An Introduction to the I Teach NYC website

The I Teach NYC website was launched in September 2016 to support NYC public school teachers by providing them with a wealth of information for their careers and classrooms. The website serves as a central communications channel – meeting the needs of both teachers seeking information, and administrative and programmatic offices looking to promote their opportunities.

While we began as a digital newsletter in September 2013, our mission remains the same as a website: to engage and inform our 79,000 teachers so that they have what they need to take an active role in their careers. We also share content with teachers via a monthly digital digest that drives traffic to the site. The I Teach NYC website is a year-round 24/7 communications platform for NYC public school teachers.

For more information, or questions that are not addressed by this document, please contact us by emailing The team that manages the I Teach NYC website and submissions process will answer your query.

Submission Criteria

  • Content in one or more of the below categories is eligible for publication on the website:
    • Leadership, career development, or professional learning opportunity
    • Financial resource or support that can benefit a teacher’s classroom or career
    • Timely information or resources for teachers
  • Location: Opportunities should be accessible to teachers who work in the five boroughs of New York City and live in the New York City tristate area. Opportunities that are outside these areas will be considered for promotion on I Teach NYC if they do not:
      • Fall during school hours, or
      • Necessitate significant amount of out of classroom time, or
      • Provide a unique experience with significant career development potential that is not accessible within the area.
  • Cost: Opportunities that have a cost or fee may be submitted for publication. However, I Teach NYC reserves the right to decline to publish external (i.e. non-NYC Department of Education) content with price points that may be cost prohibitive to most NYC public school teachers. When submitting a program that includes a cost, please include that information clearly in the “Opportunity at a Glance” section of your submission.

Style & Formatting

  • Write in clear, simple and friendly language and adhere to the format of the submission form.
  • Speak to your audience as a singular noun. Even though the site is publicly accessible and promoted to all 79,000 teachers, they are reading your content as an individual.
  • Avoid all jargon and central office or commonly used acronyms.
  • Start your title using an action verb like “Discover,” “Explore,” “Participate,” or “Apply”.
  • Location: Please include the complete street address + the borough
  • URLS: Please write out (or copy + paste) all URLS into your submission. (Our submission form cannot process hyperlinked text into a URL.)

Content Review

  • Prior to publication on the I Teach NYC website, the I Teach NYC team reviews all submissions to ensure they align with our submission criteria, contributor qualifications, and style and formatting guidelines.
  • In addition to this general review process, content on the following list is shared with one or more of our partner DOE offices to ensure alignment with all DOE messaging, policies, and priorities. Please note that the additional review process will increase the length of the review process and may impact the date your submission is posted on the site.
    • Advance and teacher evaluation
    • Equity & Excellence for All initiatives
    • Gender expression
    • LGBTQ
    • Race

Offices providing additional review for aforementioned content: the Office of Labor Relations, the Office of School Support and the Press Office.

Submissions Timelines & Lead Time

  • General submissions: All submissions will be posted within ten business days of receipt. Exceptions to this timeline include urgent news, revised deadlines, and content that requires additional review (See “Content Review” section).
  • Principal’s Weekly submissions: If you have a professional learning opportunity for a teacher and would like a link to your post featured in an upcoming edition of Principal’s Weekly, the content must be submitted twenty one business days in advance of your ideal deadline.
  • I Teach NYC email digest: The monthly digital digest is emailed to all 79,000 teachers and their principals on the 1st Thursday or Friday of the month during the school year (unless school is not in session). The links in this digest are curated from recent site content that will appeal to the broadest cross-section of teachers, or is a high profile DOE initiative. While you are welcome to request inclusion in the digest, final content is selected at the team’s discretion.
  • Social media cross-promotion: All posts on I Teach NYC are cross-promoted on our teacher/aspiring teacher Twitter Posts that align with our teacher recruitment social media editorial calendar will also be cross-promoted on our Facebook account. These an additional support for your opportunity, plus it supports our teacher recruitment efforts by illustrating the fact that NYC public schools are dynamic environments that encourage continuous adult learning and professional growth. We encourage you and your colleagues to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our teacher recruitment Instagram account.

Submission Format

  • Title: Start your title using an action verb like “Discover,” “Explore,” “Participate,” or “Apply”.
  • Audience: Consider who is eligible – i.e. “All teachers”, “STEM teachers”, or another subset of NYC public school teachers)
  • Opportunity at a Glance (25-50 words)
  • Event date and time
  • Deadline: Consider what the deadline is for – i.e. “Application”, “RSVP”, “Register”, etc.
  • Location (complete street address + borough)
  • Application/ Registration deadline
  • Take action
  • For more information
  • “Do teachers need permission …”
    • No
    • Yes …
    • If “yes” to “Do teachers need permission …”, then: “Has this opportunity already been published in Principal’s Weekly?”
    • If “yes”: If yes, please copy and paste the published language in full from Principal’s Weekly.
  • This submission has been approved by office, division and/or initiative leadership.
  • (Contact in Submitting Office. Not published. For content review reference.)