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Connect to the Census during Chancellor’s High School PD Day at the Museum of the City of New York

In this FREE full-day program, discover the power and importance of numbers in helping us understand our city, our communities, and ourselves.

Pizza & PD: Exercising the Right: The People and the First Amendment

Through an exploration of primary source documents, discover the variety of ways that Americans have exercised these rights since the Bill of Rights was adopted.

Resources to use on College Awareness Day and Beyond

College Awareness Day is on January 10. Here are resources to help you make the most of it this year.

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Teaching Inclusivity through the Arts

Join us at BRIC theatre-maker and comedian Jess Thom’s performance of Samuel Beckett’s Not I, which integrates ASL interpretation and a Relaxed Performance model as a standard for deeply inclusive theater experiences.

Data- Driven Inquiry Strategies for School Change Graphic

Data-Driven Inquiry: Strategies for School Change

In this series, use the inquiry process to interpret data patterns and trends, identify goals for your school, and develop inquiry-based projects.

Explore New Civics for All Resources for Teaching Current Issues & Events

Civics for All has created, and will regularly add to, a collection of supplemental lesson plans and resources to aid in teaching current issues and events.

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