Explore Black History Month Resources on WeTeachNYC

Access to lessons, primary sources, articles, and video to use with your students for #BlackHistoryMonth

National Geographic Resources and Programs to Support K-12 Teaching and Learning

Teacher professional development supports educators by preparing them to teach effectively in STEM disciplines and about decision-making as part of preparing students to be geo-literate individuals. 

Participate in a Condom Availability Program (CAP) Training

The Condom Availability Program (CAP) sessions are intended for health education teachers, physical education teachers, and other school staff who will coordinate and support a Condom Availability Program.

Join a Virtual Session on Navigating Online Resources at NewseumED

The Newseum, located in Washington D.C., promotes, explains and defends free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. Take a tour of their online resources!

Register for Winter Showcase Schools Visits!

Sign up for a winter Showcase visit to learn about Showcase Schools’ promising practices and the conditions that help them thrive in a variety of Learning Focus Areas

Celebrate #CSEdWeek with this WeTeachNYC resource

This computer science resource guide includes a coding scope and sequence

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