Online Resource: Financial Literacy and the Basics of Investing

This free digital resource covers everything from common account types to the basics of investing. Sign up for a webinar to learn all about it.

Apply for a Grant to Support or Start a Green Team at Your School

Apply for a grant of up to $1,000 for projects carried out by public school green teams.

Explore the Humanities and Social Sciences at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Classes to public school teachers are being offered at a discount: just $100 per course, which is 70% off normal tuition.

Per-Session Opportunity: Scoring and Site Management for NYS Grades 3–8 ELA and Math Exams

Per session opportunities are available related to the NYS grades 3-8 ELA and math exams.

Save the Date: Spring STEM Institute (Per Session Available)

The biannual STEM Institute, which will take place from April 23–25 serves to provide professional learning opportunities to participating schools, as they develop a STEM-centered approach to teaching and learning in order to bridge the achievement gap.

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