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Turn your Students into Published Authors

Discover how the implementation of a student-authored publication project can inspire your students to generate authentic, compelling pieces of writing.

Teaching the Holocaust through Memoir

This one-day workshop prepares teachers to interweave a literary analysis of Elie Wiesel’s powerful and poignant memoir “Night” with an exploration of the relevant historical context underlying Wiesel’s experience.

NYC DOE Academic Intervention Services

Explore Equipped for Reading Success: Building Phonemic Awareness Skills in Grades K-12 with Dr. David Kilpatrick

Researchers have identified some highly effective ways of preventing and overcoming reading difficulties and this workshop will present those findings.

Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, 1692-1783

Explore our newest Women & the American Story curriculum unit, Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, 1692-1783, and discover how women experienced colonization, resistance, and rebellion.

NYC DOE Academic Intervention Services

Explore Recipe for Reading Phonics Program with Dr. Connie Russo

This full-day workshop trains participants in the use of Recipe for Reading – a multi-sensory phonics program useful for teachers in need of a comprehensive decoding program that can be used with minimal support.

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A Novel Approach: Whole-Class Novels, Student-Centered Teaching, and Choice presented by Kate Roberts PLUS Meet the Author, Paul Volponi

Join Kate Roberts for a discussion about the triumphs and troubles with both whole-class novels and independent reading and consider her practical framework for creating units that join both teaching methods together.

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