Participate in On Track to the Future of Science Education with Science Council of NYC

Register for the Science Council of New York City’s 41st Annual All-Day Conference taking place on Saturday, April 6.

Participate in the Cornell/Columbia STEM Workshop

The focus will be on presenting hands-on Science activities that can be used by teachers in their classrooms.

Work with Columbia University Engineers to Bring Engineering into Your STEM Classroom

Integrate engineering design into your STEM class with Hk Maker Lab and Columbia University this summer.

Encouraging Diversity, Inclusion and Recognizing Bias in the STEM Curriculum

Join Stem Teachers NYC for a discussion on how to recognize implicit bias and use it as a lens to frame STEM teaching practices on February 9.

Exploring CMP3 in Your Classroom (Spring/Queens)

Participants will study the mathematical content aligned to each unit of study and pedagogical practices that support this problem-based curriculum. Teachers will also spend time getting to know the Next Gen. Mathematics Learning Standards.

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