Engage in Remote Science Learning with the Zoo!

WCS and the Bronx Zoo are offering quality professional development from home! Join our PD instructors for interactive science learning, and pick up some ideas for engaging your students in remote learning too.

Eternal Youth: Science and Fantasy with Allen M. Spiegel (CTLE credits given)

Teachers will explore with renowned scientist-physician Allen M. Spiegel scientific advances in our understanding of the aging process and some of the myths and charlatans espousing eternal youth.

The Inner Life of Animals with Carl Safina (CTLE credits given)

Explore the brains, working minds, and cultures of animals with celebrated environmentalist Carl Safina, and learn their implications for evolution and for conservation of life on Earth.


Teaching Kindergarten Conference: Where did the Garden Go?

Kindergarten plays a unique role in a child’s life when language, literacy, science, and math take on real meaning through play and active learning. This year’s focus, emphasizes the role of teachers as they inspire children to be empathetic members of their community and learn what it means to advocate for fairness.

STEM teachers working on a project together

Engage Middle School students in Heat Transfer with Inquiry, Discourse, and Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER)

Get introduced to phenomenon-based teaching and student representational thinking through white-boarding, discourse, guided inquiry, and claim, evidence, reasoning (CER).

Understanding the Human Body: Science and Medicine with Dr. Anthony Hollenberg

How can the tiny thyroid wreak such havoc? How do doctors and scientists work together to advance medical knowledge? Learn firsthand from Dr. Hollenberg.

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