Designing Urban Transportation Solutions: A Workshop for High School Teachers

In this workshop, explore art and automotive design while investigating the emotion of the sketch and becoming immersed in the birth of a car

Attend Maker Ed Edcamp Hosted By The Manhattan Field Support Center

Attend the Maker Ed Edcamp hosted by the Manhattan Field Support Center

Workshop: Investigating Mechanics with Mobile Devices

model mechanics concepts such as kinematics, free fall, projectile motion, rotation and oscillations through the use of various small, mobile bluetooth sensors as well as through the application of various Apps.

Workshop: Igniting the Reading Brain with Spelling K-5

Cognitive psychology and brain science have revolutionized our understanding of the importance of teaching spelling.

Workshop: Teaching Mindfulness from the Inside Out

Participate in an interactive workshop on how mindfulness can positively impact your classroom.

Exploring Disability with the Teachers & Writers Collaborative

Open to: All teachers. Opportunity at a Glance: Unpack our own perceptions of disability and explore the origin of those perceptions through poetry and prose. As a