Workshop — Blending the Arts: Visual Art, Music, and Poetry

Visit the Jewish Museum for a workshop that explores how music and poetry inspire artists and discover the relationship between visual art, music, and language.

Saturday Workshop: Learning History with Paintings

What can a painting tell us about the past? Using the exhibition Hudson Rising and works of art from the permanent collection, explore strategies for engaging students in image inquiry.

Teach Visual Literacy through Photography

Led by Aperture Teaching Artist and author Alice Proujansky this Aperture workshop will teach participants how to decode and encode images, and how to interpret photographs using flexible, engaging inquiry techniques that make material accessible to middle- and high-school students.

Spend Chancellor’s Day at the Jewish Museum: Art & Biography

Consider how works of art can contribute to the understanding of an individual’s life story, and how a biographical treatment can assume many different creative forms.

Classroom Resources from the National Portrait Gallery

If you are seeking ways to explore the presidents and the role of the presidency in the United States with your students, visit the National Portrait Gallery’s Classroom Resources.

Arts Teacher Professional Learning

The Office of Arts and Special Projects provides professional learning for teachers of the arts throughout the school year.