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All-Expenses-Paid Summer Study Tour to Germany

Every year, the Transatlantic Outreach Program brings North American educators and Germans together in order to foster education and dialogue through experience. For 2 weeks, learn about contemporary Germany.

Native Science + Innovation in the Americas

Gain a deeper understanding of how Native knowledge can inform your teaching practice in a variety of subject areas through hands- on activities.

Spend your Mid-Winter Recess Discovering Coding at the Intrepid Museum

Teacher participants who complete the 15 required hours of the course will receive a Raspberry Pi starter kit, CTLE credits, and a $750 stipend award.

Mathematical Puzzles for Illumination and Inspiration with Peter Winkler

In this Academy for Teachers session, Dartmouth professor Peter Winkler with show how puzzles highlight mathematical concepts and make math fun.

Three-Dimensional Learning With Vernier Data Collection Technology

Participate in a hands-on session to learn about Vernier latest wireless solution for 3D science learning.

STEM teachers working on a project together

Engage Middle School students in Heat Transfer with Inquiry, Discourse, and Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER)

Get introduced to phenomenon-based teaching and student representational thinking through white-boarding, discourse, guided inquiry, and claim, evidence, reasoning (CER).

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