An Evening For Educators: Ocean Science and Technology at AMNH

Attend a moderated discussion, featuring scientist Yair Rosenthal and engineer Steve Midgley from the International Ocean Discovery Program’s drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution.

Apply for a EEG-Based Neuroscience Program (NYU’s BrainWaves) at Your High School

Design and conduct neuroscience research studies in your own classroom using portable, low-cost, yet highly sensitive devices that measure brain waves (electroencephalography or EEG).

Pi Day in Poetry, Music, GIFs and More

A collection of resources to bring Pi Day to life in your classroom.

National Geographic Resources and Programs to Support K-12 Teaching and Learning

Teacher professional development supports educators by preparing them to teach effectively in STEM disciplines and about decision-making as part of preparing students to be geo-literate individuals. 

Institute for HS Bilingual Science Teachers: Learn about the New Science Standards

Participate in a four-day professional learning community opportunity (PLC) focused on the “New” Science Standards.

Billion Oyster Project – The Harbor is Your Classroom

Get up-close and personal with New York Harbor during this 3-day professional learning institute.

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