STEM Educators: Explore in the Vernier Laboratory

Step out of your classrooms, roll up your sleeves, and join us in the Vernier laboratory for a three-hour exploration of the latest and greatest in probeware and data-collection technology

Encouraging Diversity, Inclusion and Recognizing Bias in the STEM Curriculum

Join Stem Teachers NYC for a discussion on how to recognize implicit bias and use it as a lens to frame STEM teaching practices on February 9.

Exploring CMP3 in Your Classroom (Spring/Queens)

Participants will study the mathematical content aligned to each unit of study and pedagogical practices that support this problem-based curriculum. Teachers will also spend time getting to know the Next Gen. Mathematics Learning Standards.

Graphical Applications in Math and Physics: Using Desmos and Simulations

Learn about this online graphing calculator to make meaning of mathematics with your students.