Get Introduced to 3D Printing

Explore 3D Printers at the MFSC hosted Intro to 3D Printing PLO for SPOCs and school Techs on Dec. 26th.

Become A Tech Expert: Apply to the #NYCSchoolsTeach Partner Certification Program

Apply to the #NYCSchoolsTech Partner Certification program to get certified in best practices in using technology tools and resources for teaching and learning.

Designing Urban Transportation Solutions: A Workshop for High School Teachers

In this workshop, explore art and automotive design while investigating the emotion of the sketch and becoming immersed in the birth of a car

Math Institute: Routines for Mathematical Fluency for High School (Queens)

This Math Institute series is meant to support teachers in improving their practice as they continue to implement Next Gen. Learning Standards aligned to high school mathematics courses. Register by Friday, December 28.

Apply for an Earthwatch Project Kindle Fellowship

Awarded teacher fellows will experience a funded expedition during their 2019 summer vacation with other Project Kindle Fellows.

Workshop: Investigating Mechanics with Mobile Devices

model mechanics concepts such as kinematics, free fall, projectile motion, rotation and oscillations through the use of various small, mobile bluetooth sensors as well as through the application of various Apps.

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