Explore 3 Phonics Programs – HD Word, Boost and Blitz in Grades 4-8

This full-day workshop will provide training in three phonics programs, HD Word, Boost and Blitz.

Explore Practical Differentiation and Intervention Tools for the K-5 Classroom

This full-day workshop shows teachers in grades K-5 how to develop effective Tier 1 and Tier 2 literacy interventions that assist lagging students to master ELA/Literacy Common Core Learning Standards.

Explore Vocabulary Intervention in Grades 2-8

This full-day workshop will begin with an overview of the research related to this critical area in reading acquisition and will then review a number of powerful strategies for building students’ vocabulary skills.

Providing Practical Speaking & Reading Strategies for Multilingual Learners – Grades 6-12

Lydia Stack will present numerous practical reading strategies that support our Multilingual Learners. Mrs. Stack will offer an array of strategies that will help students build reading comprehension, access complex texts and increase academic vocabulary.