Take a Fresh Look at Phonics K-3 with Wiley Blevins

Explore the key characteristics of strong phonics instruction, ways to ensure they are in place, and how to fine-tune them (if already in place) to maximize student learning.

Discover Effective Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

This presentation will provide an overview of currentresearch on evidence-based vocabulary instruction and intervention and provide strategies to deliver explicit vocabulary instruction in grades K-3 to help narrow the vocabulary gap.

Understanding Misinformation with Reasoning — Taking Apart Logical Fallacies

Learn methods for teaching students how to evaluate trains of thought, media, and information sources.

Explore Research-Based Reading Comprehension Instruction – Grades 4-8

This session will provide participants with specific and practical tools to improve students’ language comprehension through reading.

Explore Writing in Grades K-1 with Erica Lembke

Learn about evidence-based writing practices for students in grades K-1 to supplement current writing instruction.

Explore Reading Assessment in Grades 6-12

This full-day presentation provides a comprehensive introduction to the reading assessments essential to effective RtI programs.

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