About Us

Welcome to the I Teach NYC Teacher Resource Center.

Learn about the newest leadership and career development opportunities for teachers. Expand your skill-set, hear speakers, attend educational events with partner institutions, and learn about workshops. Discover financial opportunities to help you pursue your educational goals, and stay updated on DOE initiatives and systems, teacher discounts, and other perks!

The Origins of I Teach NYC

I Teach NYC began in 2013 as a newsletter emailed to all teachers in the NYC DOE.

This includes ~77,000 teacher and ~1,600 principal DOE email addresses, the non-DOE email addresses that teachers provide to the DOE (~30,000) when available, and a short list of central office staff. 93% of schools have one or more teachers who are regular readers (i.e., have opened multiple issues of the newsletter).

We soon realized that a newsletter didn’t give us enough space to clearly share the many resources and opportunities for teachers that occur throughout the year, and this website launched in fall of 2016.

We still send a regular email, but it is now linked to this website. Want to subscribe to I Teach NYC? Sign-up.

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