Pizza & PD: Community and Responsibility

How have the democratic principles of the United States changed over time? Using primary sources from our collection, discover new strategies and resources for discussing democracy and community in the K-5 classroom.

Seminar — Explore Democracy at Risk: Holocaust and Human Behavior

Learn current scholarship on the history of the Holocaust and new research focused on human behavior, group dynamics, and bias.

Discover a New Approach to Teaching The Civil Rights Movement

Explore strategies that can challenge students to think critically about themes of injustice and democracy, understand how change happens in a democratic society, and make meaningful connections to what is happening in today’s world.

Spend Chancellor’s Day at the Jewish Museum: Art & Biography

Consider how works of art can contribute to the understanding of an individual’s life story, and how a biographical treatment can assume many different creative forms.

Exploring Music & Memory in the Diaspora with MOCA & The Museum at Eldridge Street

View the Museum at Eldridge Street, and then proceed to the Museum of Chinese in America.

Chancellor’s PD Day: Bold Visions, Bold Voices — Harlem Renaissance in the 21st Century

Join the Apollo Education Program for this full-day workshop alongside seasoned educators to engage in hands-on performative activities, such as theater and musical experiences that will immerse you in the intersection between history and the arts.

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