Holocaust and Human Behavior Online Course

Explore current scholarship on the history of the Holocaust. Learn strategies that help students think critically and discuss controversial issues respectfully.

Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird Online Course

Join Facing History for our online course which will help you deepen students’ understanding of the novel, enrich their knowledge of history, and illuminate fundamental questions of human behavior.

Teaching the Holocaust through Memoir

This one-day workshop prepares teachers to interweave a literary analysis of Elie Wiesel’s powerful and poignant memoir “Night” with an exploration of the relevant historical context underlying Wiesel’s experience.

trees, buffalo, and mountains

Field Trip Transportation Funding Available to NYC Cultural and Historic Sites

The National Park Foundation has awarded a limited amount of grant funding to provide transportation for local educators and their students visiting National Park Service units in the NYC area until August 2020.

Apply to join a paid National Endowment for the Humanities course at the Intrepid Museum!

Apply to the upcoming NEH Course- The Cold War through the Collections of the Intrepid Museum. This course immerses participants in scholarly research as well as the history of the Cold War.

Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, 1692-1783

Explore our newest Women & the American Story curriculum unit, Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, 1692-1783, and discover how women experienced colonization, resistance, and rebellion.

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