Enrich your Repertoire of Strategies to Increase Equity in your Classroom

Transform the way you view yourself and all those around you in and out of the classroom.

Chancellor’s PD Day at Wave Hill

Join Wave Hill for their climate change themed Chancellor’s Day Professional Development event where teachers will learn effective practices to connect the natural world to classroom learning through discussions and hands-on activities, while enjoying Wave Hill’s grounds.

Chancellor’s PD Day – Sexuality, Women, and Gender (SWaG) Instructional Equity Conference

This Conference takes place on June 6, Chancellor’s PD Day.

Brooklyn’s Bridges: Connecting Communities & Classrooms

Join Bklyn Public Library for an immersive look at the evolution of transportation and community as we explore the history of bridges in Brooklyn.

Explore ASPDP’s Spring PD: Supporting All Learners

Don’t miss your chance to register for ASPDP’s spring PD with over 170 courses across a variety of content and pedagogical subjects designed for your classroom.

Explore Research-Based Reading Comprehension Instruction – Grades 4-8

This session will provide participants with specific and practical tools to improve students’ language comprehension through reading.

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