Get Introduced to 3D Printing

Explore 3D Printers at the MFSC hosted Intro to 3D Printing PLO for SPOCs and school Techs on Dec. 26th.

Become A Tech Expert: Apply to the #NYCSchoolsTeach Partner Certification Program

Apply to the #NYCSchoolsTech Partner Certification program to get certified in best practices in using technology tools and resources for teaching and learning.

Designing Urban Transportation Solutions: A Workshop for High School Teachers

In this workshop, explore art and automotive design while investigating the emotion of the sketch and becoming immersed in the birth of a car

Connect with your School Community with a Strong Digital Presence

Learn how to curate resources, use social media to promote programs and incorporate various apps to connect with students.

Join Solar 1 for a hands-on exploration of solar energy at the NYC Solar Schools PD (Middle School)

Get an introduction to power plants, fossil fuels, renewable energy and climate change- and hands-on solar activities and experiments.

Workshop: Igniting the Reading Brain with Spelling K-5

Cognitive psychology and brain science have revolutionized our understanding of the importance of teaching spelling.

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