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Register for the Civics for All: Teaching About Civil Rights in Education Professional Learning Session

Participants will explore resources for teaching about student activism in history, explore curriculum resources created by the New-York Historical Society on the history of segregation in NYC schools, and consider strategies for encouraging active civic engagement in students today using Civics for All curriculum.

Post-Pixelism: Designing Light with Digital Tools (CTLE credits given)

Learn how electronics and programming can be used as tools in a two-session interdisciplinary master class for physics, math, computer science, art, and theater teachers.

The Neurobiology of Mindfulness with Dr. Daniel J. Siegel (CTLE credits given)

Explore nueroplasticity, the quality that allows the brain to change in response to experience, and its implications for educators. Learn how mindful awareness support the development of stronger, more resilient minds.

Basketball with Bob Hurley, Sr. (CTLE credits given)

Legendary Coach Bobby Hurley will put K-12 basketball coaches through their paces as they learn his “must-do” drills and explore strategies for getting kids to work together even as they achieve their personal bests.

NYC DOE Chancellor Richard A. Carranza Logo

Know Your Students Well: Assess Math Difficulties in Elementary Multilingual Learners (Grades 3-5)

Use assessment instruments, universal screeners, and progress monitoring to guide the development of an effective math program and simultaneously build supports to ensure that Multilingual Learners attain academic content expertise. This opportunity is eligible for CTLE credits.

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Using Formative Assessment to Drive Instruction

Participants will understand the importance of using formative assessment data to drive facilitation of instruction and explore strategies used to gather formative assessment data to drive instruction.

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