Pizza & PD: Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion

Using maps and other primary sources, explore the impact of Manifest Destiny and the rapid growth of the country.

Explore Practical Differentiation and Intervention Tools for the K-5 Classroom

This full-day workshop shows teachers in grades K-5 how to develop effective Tier 1 and Tier 2 literacy interventions that assist lagging students to master ELA/Literacy Common Core Learning Standards.

A Journey Through the Caribbean – Apollo Theater Professional Learning workshop with ¡RETUMBA!

Spend the afternoon at the Apollo Theater exploring Antillean culture through dance and rhythms. Be prepared for an active workshop, wear comfortable clothing and your dancing shoes!

Explore Reading Fluency and Great Leaps in Grades 6-12

This full-day workshop, taking place on February 28, explores the research on fluency and its relationship to proficient reading.

Save the Date: Spring STEM Institute (Per Session Available)

The biannual STEM Institute, which will take place from April 23–25 serves to provide professional learning opportunities to participating schools, as they develop a STEM-centered approach to teaching and learning in order to bridge the achievement gap.

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