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Grant Opportunity: Civics Literacy Through Libraries

Explore this new K-12 collaborative grant opportunity for public school libraries.

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Critically Reviewing Claims Using Logical Fallacies

Join this session to learn how to teach our students to be savvy analyzers and critical readers of information in an age of misleading, manipulated, and biased news and media.

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Copyright for Content Creators

Examine what copyright is, what is allowable in a classroom under copyright, what are licenses and trademarks, and how intellectual property right laws are playing out in society.

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Workshop: Develop Information Literacy in your Students

Learn methods for teaching students to be critical readers and savvy analyzers of media and information.

Explore Resources to Teach the 1619 Project and the History of Slavery in the United States

Explore a series of essays, images, stories, and poems that challenge readers to reframe their understanding of U.S. history by considering 1619 as the start of this nation’s story.

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