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Copyright for Content Creators

Examine what copyright is, what is allowable in a classroom under copyright, what are licenses and trademarks, and how intellectual property right laws are playing out in society.

From Jacob Lawrence to Georgia O’Keeffe: Educator Workshop at the Jewish Museum

What is American about American art? Consider ways that artists have responded to the culture of the United States and the range of stories that contribute to our ideas of what makes someone American at the Jewish Museum.

Randi Weingarten

In Defense of Education: A Conversation with Randi Weingarten

Join Randi Weingarten for an evening of provocative conversation on policy, pedagogy, and the big issues affecting schools, teachers, and students.

Webinar: Using Mindfulness for Better Classroom Management

Learn practical and efficient meditation and breathing techniques to use regularly in your personal practice that require as little as four minutes per day.

Keep the Kids Talking Graphic

Keep the Kids Talking: Moving from Question & Answer to Question & Discussion

Over three sessions, Keep the Kids Talking​ will support K-12 teachers in designing classroom experiences that use questioning and discussion strategies to draw out all student voices.

Teaching and Learning from Primary Sources at the Center for Jewish History: Two Sessions

Explore history through the lens of archival and visual artifacts.

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