Assessments in Instruction Part 1: Planning for Formative Assessments

Explore resources on #WeTeachNYC on Planning for Formative Assessment.

Defining and Supporting Engagement, Part 3: Grouping Students Thoughtfully

Consider the role of thoughtful student groupings in a classroom.

Defining and Supporting Engagement, Part 2: Minds on Participation + Pre-Writing

Resources on how pre-writing and mind-set can support student engagement from #WeTeachNYC

Defining and Supporting Engagement, Part 1: Creating a Shared Understanding of Intellectual Engagement

In┬áthis 40-minute professional learning activity, “Creating a shared understanding of intellectual engagement,” you will develop a shared definition of rigorous instruction and intellectual engagement

Knowing Your Students, Part 3: Facilitating Intellectual Risk

Supports to encourage intellectual risk within your students from #WeTeachNYC.

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