Apply for a EEG-Based Neuroscience Program (NYU’s BrainWaves) at Your High School

Design and conduct neuroscience research studies in your own classroom using portable, low-cost, yet highly sensitive devices that measure brain waves (electroencephalography or EEG).

Register for Spring Showcase Schools Visits!

Have you seen promising practices in action? Visit a Showcase School this spring.

Deadline Extended: There’s Still Time for Your Students to Stand Up for Wellness

What makes your school environment healthy? The 2018 School Wellness Campaign Contest is extended to March 26.

Defining and Supporting Engagement, Part 2: Minds on Participation + Pre-Writing

Resources on how pre-writing and mind-set can support student engagement from #WeTeachNYC

School Diversity Advisory Group Town Hall Event

Join us for a forum to share how our schools can reflect the diversity of New York City on Tuesday, March 27.

New York City Writing Project Youth Voices and LRNG Workshop

Join NYC Writing Project and LRNG for a workshop exploring enhancing student’s literacy development through digital platforms.

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