Chancellor’s PD Day: Creating an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Science Curriculum

Learn about contributions to science made by LGBTQ+ scientists, how to use STEM lessons to challenge implicit bias around sexual orientation and gender by exploring a variety of reproductive strategies and sexual behaviors in the animal kingdom, and walk away with a list of LGBTQ+ friendly readings.


This Chancellor’s PD Day, participate in the School-Time Tennis Program (STP) and get trained to introduce tennis to your students during the school day.

Chancellor’s PD Day: Middle School Health Education Basics I

The Office of School Wellness Programs is offering full-day health education professional learning sessions to help health educators integrate concepts, skills, and resources featured in the New York City K-12 Health Education Scope and Sequence documents.

Chancellor’s PD Day: Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, 1692-1783

Explore our new Women & the American Story curriculum unit, Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, 1692-1783, and discover how women experienced colonization, resistance, and rebellion.

Chancellor’s PD Day: Confidence & Crises, 1920-1948

Engage with our new Women & the American Story curriculum unit, Confidence & Crises, 1920-1948, and discover how women navigated boom, bust, and war.

Chancellor’s Day PD Day at the Center for Jewish History: Examining Archival Resources in Teaching about Immigration and Hate Speech

Participate in 1 or all 3 of The Center for Jewish History’s sessions this Chancellor’s PD Day. Hear lectures by the experts, presentations by our archivists, and interactive hands-on workshops with primary sources.

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