Teaching Kindergarten Conference: Where did the Garden Go?

Kindergarten plays a unique role in a child’s life when language, literacy, science, and math take on real meaning through play and active learning. This year’s focus, emphasizes the role of teachers as they inspire children to be empathetic members of their community and learn what it means to advocate for fairness.


There are a few teaching positions left for the DREAM Winter/Spring session. DREAM is specifically looking for teachers to teach English or Math SHSAT test prep on Saturdays until June.

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Scaffold Core Instruction in Elementary Mathematics for Multilingual Learners (Grades 3-5)

This two-day institute will consider the language and content demands for teaching and learning mathematics, explore a variety of instructional strategies that scaffold Multilingual Learners’ thinking, and engage participants in reflecting on this learning experience and plan for implementing strategies in the classroom.

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Know Your Students Well: Assess Math Difficulties in Elementary Multilingual Learners (Grades 3-5)

Use assessment instruments, universal screeners, and progress monitoring to guide the development of an effective math program and simultaneously build supports to ensure that Multilingual Learners attain academic content expertise. This opportunity is eligible for CTLE credits.

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Strengthen Core Instruction for Multilingual Learners in Math through the Instructional Leadership Framework (Grades 6-10) Cohort 2

Participate in a two-day institute during which you will study and explore how to promote content knowledge and language development in math through the implementation of the Instructional Leadership Framework.

Mathematical Puzzles for Illumination and Inspiration with Peter Winkler

In this Academy for Teachers session, Dartmouth professor Peter Winkler with show how puzzles highlight mathematical concepts and make math fun.

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