Develop your Practice in Framework for Teaching Domain 2: The Classroom Environment

Audience: All teachers

Opportunity at a Glance: Start off the school year strong with tools on WeTeachNYC building a positive classroom environment and culture for learning! Groups of teachers can engage in the Teacher Mindset and Establishing a Culture for Learning professional learning activity to develop next steps to fostering a growth mindset in their students. Teachers may use the Student Surveys for Formative Assessment professional learning activity to develop a student survey that they can use to formatively assess their classroom environment.

For grades 6-12 teachers whose students took the 2016 Student Perception Survey, professional learning resources for exploring and reflecting on your report are available on WeTeachNYC and also at

As you return to your classroom this school year, explore the curriculum planning resources featured on the WeTeachNYC homepage. New teachers may especially benefit from this collection, which includes scopes & sequences and standards. 

For more information: Email the Office of Teacher Effectiveness.