Learn How to Coach: Coaching with Clarity, Confidence, and Compassion

Open to: K-12 Educators
Opportunity at a Glance: The process of coaching educators requires a complex and critical set of skills.  Coaching educators differs greatly from educating and supporting students, especially if you have not previously practiced instructional coaching.  How can you strengthen and grow the leadership skills necessary to coach effectively and inspire change?

Throughout this course, we will unite theory and practice as we explore adult learning principles and equip you with actionable strategies for your professional growth.  Whether you identify as a coach, a teacher leader, or a school or district administrator, this course will allow you to coach with confidence and compassion.
Key dates:  Asynchronous online course: Oct 19th – Nov 23rd – Participate on days/times of your choosing.
Location: Online
Registration deadline: 11/08/2020
Take action: https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu/coaching-for-change.html
For more information: https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu/coaching-for-change.html