Learn about Autism

Open to: All Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: This online A+, P-credit, and CTLE course from RenewaTeachingCertificate.com is designed to help NYC educators design environments that are effective for students with autism.  Learn how to support students with autism in the classroom, whether you’re online, hybrid, or in-person. Get it now for a TOTAL price of only $199!
Key dates:  ongoing through November 22, 2020
Location: https://renewateachinglicense.com/member/product/k12-online-pd-teacher-NEW-YORK-ASPDP-P-Credit-and-UFT-A-Plus-Credit-Course-Introduction-to-Autism?c=472
Registration deadline: 11/22/2020

Take action: https://renewateachinglicense.com/member/product/k12-online-pd-teacher-NEW-YORK-ASPDP-P-Credit-and-UFT-A-Plus-Credit-Course-Introduction-to-Autism?c=472
For more information: service@renewateachinglicense.com