Earn Free CTLE Credits: A Guide to Bloom’s Taxonomy: Understanding Cognitive Thinking

Open to: Grades K-12 Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: This Quick Course is a 1 hour professional development for teachers with action items, ready- to- go resources, and specific content that gets straight to the point. Access it free with coupon code NY-QC-FreeCourse upon registration.

“A Guide to Bloom’s Taxonomy: Understanding Cognitive Thinking” will teach you what Bloom’s Taxonomy is and how it is related to cognition. You’ll learn about the thinking processes associated with each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and how Bloom’s Taxonomy relates to your standard or lesson objective.  This course will support you in designing lessons that meet or exceed the thinking skills required for standards.
Key dates:  Ongoing Through May, 2021
Location: Online. Register at: https://www.modelteaching.com/professional-development/a-guide-to-blooms-taxonomy-understanding-cognitive-thinking
Registration deadline: 05/31/2021

Take action: Register here: https://www.modelteaching.com/professional-development/a-guide-to-blooms-taxonomy-understanding-cognitive-thinking and use coupon code NY-QC-FreeCourse to access the course for free.
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