Teachers College: Design Effective Blended Instruction

Open to: Grades K-12 Educators
Opportunity at a Glance: As we have navigated the uncertain landscape of teaching and learning over the past year, we have shifted from managing a pandemic pedagogy to preparing for what will inevitably become the next “normal”.  As educators we must continue to consider best practices for instructional design and student engagement, and prepare to maximize learning experiences, no matter the academic setting.

This self-paced online course, comprised of eight modules, is designed to do the following:

  • Break down the differences between in-person and remote pedagogy,
  • Support you with the design and implementation of blended learning models; and
  • Equip you with the tools needed to create a 21st century pedagogy.

Key dates:  Starts Monday July 12th, 2021.  **Participate on days/times of your choosing.
Location: Online
Registration deadline: Monday July19th, 2021
Take action: https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu/best-practices-for-blended-learning.html
For more information: https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu/best-practices-for-blended-learning.html