**New Teachers Only** Complete New Teacher Week Make-up Sessions (if applicable)

Open to: New Teachers who were unable to attend New Teacher Week (8/30/21-9/1/21)
Opportunity at a Glance: Welcome to the NYCDOE! If you were unable to attend one or more days during New Teacher Week, you are required to participate in a make-up session.  You may log in at any time between now and November 15 and review the following mandatory sessions in WeLearnNYC < https://platform.welearnnyc.org/d2l/home/714125&gt;:
• Implicit Bias
• Danielson Framework for Teaching
• Instructional Mentoring
• Chancellor’s Regulations and Policies

Upon completion of the mandatory sessions, you will receive $51.70 for one (1) day of training.
Key dates:  By November 15, 2021
Location: Virtual
Registration deadline: 11/15/2021
Take action: Complete required NTW sessions
For more information: NewTeacherSupport@schools.nyc.gov