Liberated Territories with Russell Rickford (CTLE credit available)

Open to: All Full-time Pre K-12 Classroom Teachers (Public, Charter and Independent Schools)
Opportunity at a Glance: Join us during this free course that will focus on Liberated Territories with Russell Rickford.  Most Black Power activists perceived African Americans as a colonized people and supported Pan-African schools as a means to “national liberation.”  But the concept of “liberated territories” offered an alternative.  Viewing Black communities not as colonies awaiting nationhood but as zones of insurgent democracy transformed black radical theory and activism.

Cornell University Professor Rickford will discuss grassroots efforts to put oppressed people in command of their lives. 

Participants will receive some homework to introduce the topic.
Key dates:  Tuesday October 12th, 2021 from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. EDT
Location: Virtual
Registration deadline: 10/11/2021

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For more information: Rene Marion, Dean of Fellows, rene@academyforteachers