Apply/Nominate: Gwendolyn Brooks – Her Life & Work

Open to: All Teachers (English teachers, poetry teachers, history teachers encouraged to participate)
Opportunity at a Glance: During this learning session participants will immerse themselves in the world of a great American poet and activist. We’ll begin our day with a tour of “Gwendolyn Brooks: A Poet’s Work in Community” with its curator, Nicholas Caldwell at The Morgan Library & Museum. Then Terrance Hayes, poet, scholar, and visual artist, will guide us through Brooks’ poems from different eras of the last century—time capsules by one of our truest American pioneers. Participants should come prepared to discuss their three favorite Brooks poems.

CTLE credits offered. Cost: $350, paid by your school. Scholarships are available.

Key dates:  Monday April 25, 2022 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.
Location: The Morgan Library & Museum
Registration deadline: Tuesday March 15th
Take action: Register here
For more information: Rene Marion,